Clubs and Recreation at Carleton

As someone who recently tried to create a new club, I know how hard it is to get it off the ground. You need flyers, emails, personal connections, and interest. Studying and understanding the progression and evolution of clubs and social events at Carleton can show patterns of what types of people attend, the school atmosphere, and a historical sense of fun.

After reading about the history of the winter ball on the Carleton archives, I had a particular interest in this topic and wanted to pursue it as a final project, not only showing the origins of some of the most popular clubs at Carleton (like KRLX or Ultimate Frisbee) but also some of the more eccentric clubs (like the Pipe and Cigar Club or the Assassins Guild).

Overall I’m just very interested in seeing what other people used to do for fun, especially in a time when our lives are saturated with small, meaningless, and “dopamine fix” types of activities to do, such as go on YouTube or play video games. This project could even lead to me finding a new club to go and be a part of!

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